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The Austrian Contingent for the Medicine and Dentistry Degree Programmes

All people, who have an Austrian secondary school leaving qualification constitute the largest place contigent at MedUni Vienna.

Admission Requirements for Applicants with an Austrian Secondary School Leaving Qualification

The so-called Austrian contingent is fundamentally restricted to all people, who obtained their secondary school leaving qualification in Austria. EU citizens in possession of a secondary school leaving qualification that is accorded the same status as a secondary school leaving qualification issued in Austria and people accorded the same status (PVO) also fall into this group.

More information on groups accorded the same status according to the decree of admission of certain groups of persons (PVO) can be found in the relevant Austrian Federal Law. In addition you will find information there on the admission with an International Baccalaureate as well as the European Baccalaureate.

The check of the qualification for university entrance occurs during the personal admission to the programme, after the results of the admission tests have been published.

Under certain circumstances, supplementary examination in Latin may be necessary.