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Admission Process for the Medicine and Dentistry Degree Programmes

After all admission requirements have been met and you were able to secure a place at the University for yourself by passing the admissions examination, it is necessary to start the official admissions process at MedUni Vienna.

The Admission to MedUni Vienna

For the admission to the Medicine and Dentistry Degree Programmes at the Medical University of Vienna, applicants have to apply in person. The admission and the first registration as well as assignment of a student number takes place at the Studies and Examinations Department. 

The admission occurs exclusively during the admission period!

Studies and Examinations Department

Währinger Straße 25a
1090 Vienna, Austria

Office hours
Mon, Wed, Fri 9–12 am
Tue 1-3 pm
Thu 1-4 pm

Admission period

Admission for degree studies in human medicine or dentistry  at the MedUni Vienna is only possible for the winter semester.

In order not to cause any loss of study time, admission must be successfully obtained in the first semester by 15 September of any year at the latest, so as to still be able to get place for small groups for all required events of the first semester.

Necessary Documents

The following documents need to be presented in order to be admitted to a programme of studies: 

  • A valid travel document (passport)
  • Proof of university qualification through a secondary school leaving qualification (incl. the last school report, vocational university entrance qualification or a university entrance qualification for mature students (SBP) or a foreign equivalent and the last school report in the original (plus a copy for Non-EU secondary school leaving qualifications); or certificate of completion of at least three years of study at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution (180 ECTS);
  • If available: Austrian Social Security Number (eCard)
  • If required: German certificate C1
  • If required: In case of transfer from another Austrian university in the same field of study: certificate of transfer and performance record 
  • Confidentiality agreement

All documents presented must be originals and if necessary, a certified translation into German or English needs to be added. The passport must be also in copy.

After the check of the documents, the applicant will receive a student number. The tuition fee and the Student Union fee can be paid immediately at the counter by ATM card. The admission takes place immediately. 

If the tuition fee or the Student Union fee is done by payment form, the booking period will be about one week. The admission only becomes legally valid after the tuition fee and Student Union fee has reached the corresponding account. If the applicant pays by payment form, he/she has to show up again at the Studies and Examinations Department.   

Please note! Every student can only have one student number. Should you already have started to study at an Austrian university, you keep your existing student number.

Note on Places in Small Groups

A large part of the courses takes place in small groups. Please note that you have to personally make sure to register for these groups, or it will not be possible to take part in mandatory courses. 

Irrespective of the admission period, registering for the small groups is only possible until September 15.