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Free Mover – self organised non-degree students

Free mover are expressly welcome to the Medical University of Vienna. Your advantage as a free mover in the sense of self-organised stays: You are free to choose a clinical department for a clinical traineeship within the the clinical practical year or for a clerkship based on your personal wishes.

As a free mover, students are not bound by any cooperation agreement at their own university. However, this freedom signifies an increased level of self-initiative. The following points should be noted for applications for the clinical practice year or the clinical traineeship as free movers:

  • The International Office for Student & Staff Affairs is unable to facilitate traineeships.
  • You are usually left to your own initiative outside the scope of application of ERASMUS and COOPERATION SCHEMES.
  • Applications shall be made directly to the relevant Clinics/Departments, which take decisions based on their capacity.
  • No enrolment is carried out at MedUni Vienna.
  • After the completion of the part of the Clinical Practial Year the here mentioned CERTIFICATION OF PRACTICAL TRAINING AT A HOSPITAL issued by the MedUni Vienna will be signed without any exception!

Enrolment is only possible within ERASMUS practical training placements.

Make use of your opportunities and apply to Teaching Hospitals and Departments of MedUni Vienna.

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