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Erasmus Plus+

ERASMUS SMT Student Mobility for Traineeships

Within the framework of ERASMUS, incomings may complete a share of their training at the Medical University of Vienna.

The ERASMUS programme opens up access to MedUni Vienna for international students. Certain requirements must be fulfilled and applications submitted according to the requirements.

Within the framework of ERASMUS, the incoming programme for Traineeships (the Clinical Practical Year KPJ, Clerkships etc.) for the winter semester 2020/21 in the period 3.8.20-21.02.21 is cancelled by MedUni Vienna.

Please note that the application procedure for the summer term 2021 will be performed with reservation regarding any unpredictable future developments (COVID19).

ERASMUS SMT Student Mobility Traineeships

  • ERASMUS placements may be undertaken by students enrolled in a higher education institution holding an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education ECHE.
  • The placement must be relevant to the studies and personal development of the participants and, if possible, even integrated into the study programme.
  • The Erasmus student grant scheme provides for a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum duration of 12 months per student per study cycle (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate). Students of single degree programmes (medicine) can be funded for up to 24 months in total. Participants can complete several internships as long as the total duration of the ERASMUS programme is not exceeded. It is irrelevant whether the mobility takes place within the framework of an ERASMUS studies or an ERASMUS traineeship. Only the duration of the ERASMUS activity is relevant.
  • Students within the framework of ERASMUS Training Mobility are enrolled as ERASMUS trainees at the University for the period of their stay at the relevant MedUni Vienna institutions. Students who are admitted to MedUni Vienna for the duration of their ERASMUS traineeship will be insured against accidents and liability through their legally required fee of the Austrian Students’ Union (20,20 EUR). The ÖH fee must be paid by the students in due time for enrolment / matriculation.
  • Students and recent graduates can use Erasmus to complete one or more funded internships in programme countries: The regulations mentioned here apply to student placements only! Information on recent graduate placements can be found at


1. Drawing up the Learning Agreement for Traineeships

Talk to your International Office to find out whether an internship within the ERASMUS framework is possible for you. Your International Office will provide you with the template Learning Agreement for Traineeships. Complete the Learning Agreement for Traineeships with the content, requirements and details of your planned internship in consultation with your home university. Please also note our information for correct completion.

In any case you must fill in:

·       at "Receiving Organisation/Enterprise, Name, Department, Address; website" the details of the receiving organisation for the internship (department, clinic, institute etc.)

·       for "Mentor" the supervisor at the receiving clinic/department/department

·       as well as the ERASMUS Coordinator of MedUni Vienna at "Contact Person" and "Supervisor at the Receiving Institution";

·       tick the boxes concerning accident and liability insurance on the part of the Receiving Institution with "YES", as you will be insured for accident and liability during your enrolment at our university for the activities during the internship;

·       tick the boxes concerning remuneration and other benefits with "NO", since payment by the university is not provided for during an ERASMUS internship:

·       Possible agreements with the hospital authority regarding expense allowance, accommodation, meals and other benefits are not provided by the university.

2. The International Office does not arrange Placements!

·       You send the completed Learning Agreement for Traineeships to the clinics/departments/institute etc. of our university that would be of interest to you.

·       In addition, you must enclose the Traineeship Acceptance Form you have filled out in advance with your application in order to reserve a place.

·       Please note the application deadlines:
Application deadline at the latest 4 weeks before the planned start or 4 weeks before the end of the admission period for the respective semester:

o   Start in the winter semester, but after 30 November: Application deadline 1 November

o   Beginning in the summer semester, but after April 30: Application deadline April 1


3. Assessment and placement approval by the host institution (department, clinic, institute, etc.)

The host institution (department, clinic, institute, etc.) checks the feasibility of the content and, in the event of an acceptance, sends the signed Traineeship Acceptance Form together with the Learning Agreement for Traineeships in the same email to the International Office (


4. Online Application in the Mobility Management Tool MOBILITY ONLINE by Applicants

You will be invited to the mandatory application in Mobility Online. Please follow the instructions in the application process and complete the necessary details and upload the required documents/proofs (passport photo, copy of proof of identity, proof of immunity if applicable).


5. Signing of the Learning Agreement for Traineeships by the ERASMUS Coordinator of MedUni Vienna via the International Office

At the International Office, the Learning Agreement for Traineeships is signed by the ERASMUS Coordinator of MedUni Vienna in the case of a complete application. An application is complete with:

·       completed application in Mobility Online

·       Submission of the Traineeship Acceptance Form and the sighted Learning Agreement for Traineeships by the clinic/department/institute

·       The Learning Agreement for Traineeships must already have been signed by the home university Please note that we do not sign Learning Agreements for Traineeships as a receiving institution if the sending institution has not yet signed them.

Learning Agreements for Traineeships that have only been signed by the receiving institution for the internship (department, clinic, department, institute etc.) and not by the ERASMUS Coordinator of MedUni Vienna are not valid on the part of MedUni Vienna.


6. Enrolment as Incoming Student at MedUni Vienna

The International Office arranges for ERASMUS trainees to be admitted as incoming students for the duration of their internship. You must pay the legally required Austrian Students' Union (ÖH) fee according to the instructions in due time. 

Interns who start their internship without a Learning Agreement approved by the ERASMUS Coordinator of MedUni Vienna via the International Office and without compulsory enrolment as incoming students are not official ERASMUS incoming students, are not insured against accidents and liability in the course of their work during the internship and cannot receive confirmation of their stay from the university.

1. Clinical Traineeships

Please note that clinical traineeships are intended for clinical observation and practical training of already acquired basic clinical skills, in surgical departments also assisting during operations.
Therefore, no detailed content or learning outcomes beyond the general wording can be defined in the Learning Agreement for Traineeships before your stay:

o Integration at the assigned clinic

o Observation and participation in examinations and visits

o Analysis of case studies

o Getting to know the Austrian health system

o Independent performance of the activities mentioned in Section 49 (4) (5) of the
   Medical Act under the guidance and supervision of the training doctors:

o Taking the medical history,

o simple physical medical examination including blood pressure measurement,

o Draw blood from the vein,

o the giving of intramuscular and subcutaneous injections

o individual other medical activities, provided that their mastery is necessary for
   the successful completion of the studies of the medicine demonstrably already
   over the to the conscientious execution the knowledge and experience required
   with regard to the level of difficulty of these activities.

Clinical traineeships do not include any examinations and no grades can be awarded for clinical traineeships: Within the scope of supervision and agreed supervision, there is only a formative and random examination of the learned material.

2. Participation in the Clinical-Practical Year CPY

  • The entry dates are identical at all medical universities/teaching hospitals in Austria. The duration of the tertials cannot be shortened. The permitted days of absence cannot be used to shorten the CPY.
  • After completion of the CPY, the certificate of practical training in a hospital of MedUni Vienna is issued without exception.

3. Research Internships, e.g. as part of the Diploma Thesis/Dissertation

In order to carry out research activities, an agreement must be signed, which regulates, among other things, the secrecy of confidential information (all information, know-how, business and trade secrets, data, evaluations, documents and other technical knowledge, as well as the data and results obtained in the course of the cooperation with MedUni Vienna) as well as the rights to intellectual property, information, know-how and all protectable results (inventions).