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Guideline & Request form

Guideline for the disclosure of data

The following guideline (in german) supports researcher to assess whether a decision of the data clearing house for the disclosure of data to third parties is necessary. This applies both to the personal data from a research project as well as the potentially re-use (secondary use) of the data after project completion. 

Guideline (in german) (PDF, 450KB)
Leitfaden zur Übermittlung personenbezogener Daten 01.01.1970


Every request is to be submitted electronically by means of a form sent via mail✉. The provision of representative test data is a precondition for the processing of a request by the data clearing house.

All requests which are complete (including meaningful test data) and which are submitted at least two weeks prior to a meeting will be addressed at the meeting scheduled for the respective month. Requests which are submitted later will be put on the agenda of the meeting the following month.

Whenever possible, the data clearing house will reach a decision within six weeks of the relevant meeting during which the request was discussed.